Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Merriam Webster: Top 10 Favorite British Words

This Merriam-Webster lists ten popular British words, their definitions, usage, and origin.  Be sure to visit the original article, the usage alone is worth the time investment!

Dodgy - False or Dishonest
Shirty - Angry; irritated
Chuffed - Quite pleased; delighted
Peckish - Hungry (And to think, I thought it meant cranky - perhaps hungry and cranky are synonyms to me!)
Stroppy - Touchy; belligerent
Dogsbody - One who is obliged to do menial work; a drudge
Shambolic - Obviously disorganized or confused
Wonky - Awry; wrong
Bollocks - Nonsense (use caution with this one!)
Hard Cheese - Tough luck

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  1. I have a friend from England who would constantly make comments about "birds". It took me way too long to realize he was talking about women, and was not, in fact, an avian-ophile. (It's a word cuz I say it's a word)